Claim Your Happiness - Be the best you

Mission - Being the best self, finding spiritual direction 

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So many questions, so many doubts, so many things to achieve, so much chaos around, where do I start ? What do I do? Why did they do that to me? Why does it happen to me? Why? What? When? How? Who can help me become happy? What is happiness? Why am I not happy until now? Can I ever be happy? 

This is only a few seconds of observation of what the mind has to say.

David Frawley says in his book Ayurveda And The Mind: "All problems we encounter in life are based ultimately upon not knowing the mind and its functions." Thats the essence of what our biggest challenge is - managing and quietening the mind. To be able to separate the self as a consciousness from the mind.

It does not happen just by being aware that this challenge exists, just by talking about it or reading information about it. We need to actively manage the process the mind is so we become more and more aware of what we are - the source of the mind. As we become empowered in doing that we will start to rise above minor things like anxiety and depression which are a result of our complete involvement with everything the mind has to say.

It has become my mission to share this about self-empowerment and this website is a gateway to leading people to my book - The Keys To The Best You. It has all the steps I have followed in my life to be 'in control' of my mind'. 

The mission of our life is to unlock this mystery and be the best version of the self and the only one stopping us from achieving that is the self. Its time to liberate the self from this prison of being caught up in the old mental programmes, running from one point to the other, not stopping to ask why is that not giving us joy. Let's move forward from that stagnant place, let's peel off the layers and connect with our real happy self, our core. Why? Its the quickest and easiest way of being healthy. 

There is a 'best you' that exists underneath. Half of the job is knowing you can do it and having the desire to do it. Don't be scared of going on this 'inward' journey. You may not have noticed yet but your longest conversations are with yourself. Create clean inner conversation where you accept who you are, whatever you have done in the past, every dream, every whim and know every emotion is temporary. Be your best supporter, your lover, your best friend, everything you have wanted from an external source.

I have also created a CD to create the practical doable aspect of whatever I have written in my book. The book is full of suggestions but after reading inspiring stuff, what is the next step, where do we start? Easy - my CD has a few tracks - meditations, breath work, visualising, mantras and focus, affirmations. All the raw material to manage the mind.  

I will put links here soon to buy both with a click. 

Every moment gives us a choice, use every resource to be the happiest best you.

the om, the spiritual key representing the inward journey and an Australian opal